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Please send us an e-mail, write or call with any questions you may have pertaining to wind development in the United States and Canada. Our address information is provided below. Kindly indicate whether you are interested in the installation of a turbine(s) for educational, governmental, commercial or industrial uses. If you are in the process of developing a wind turbine project, it will be helpful if you could provide surrounding site information (see below) so that we can better assess the restrictions and/or opportunities present for turbine placement.


Joseph J. Graham
10 New King Street
White Plains, New York 10604
(914) 949-2292
Fax: (914) 949-2397

Description of Land

Latitude and longtitude descriptions are helpful (e.g. Lat.41.3751 N. Long. 74.6928 W);

General site elevations showing highest point with respect to neighboring acreage;

Available weather data or wind history records from nearby sources;

Description of site’s topography (e.g., soil types, raised areas, slopes, valleys, etc.);

Note any tall structures, land features on or near site (e.g. water tower, rock escarpments, plateaus, mesas);

Proximity of site to power lines and/or substations; and

Known environmental concerns such as migratory routes, or proximity to significant scenic settings and view sheds should be identified and mapped quickly.

For Urban and Suburban Settings:

List street address and cross street names;

Applicable town, county, zoning;

Shoreline Master Plan (if appropriate);

Comprehensive Plan Designation, if any;

Applicable specific zoning provisions concerning wind turbines;

Note proximity to residential properties;

Geographically locate nearby airport(s) with respect to site (Note: Determine if approach patterns and height restrictions will be issues);

Identify tall structures within 200 yards of the prospective site including stands of trees and buildings; and

Consider and note potential environmental issues which may prohibit the wind project from advancing, including important avian concentrations or preservation districts.

Corporate and Industrial Properties:

If your business is interested in exploring the placement of a wind turbine onsite, please consider the following requirements:

Daily and seasonal electrical usage;

Typical energy-base loads throughout the year;

Acreage of property;

Receptive zoning designation;

Does your company currently need to offset pollution created on-site; and

Location of nearby substations and identify capacity of power lines.

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